February 4th, 2010

“It was a great weekend trade show.It was our first time attending and we are very pleased with our results. Again thank you, it was great. Keep us posted on all your trade shows.”
John Cliffe (Exhibitor)

“I just wanted to take this time to let you know, that I had a wonderful show experience with you over the past few weeks and the weekend. The show looked fabulous, did my grocery shopping with all the organics that were there – products I have known and loved for years.  Made a new fabulous contact for crystals and I think will the beginning of a good working relationship for him and all my crystal students.The way I see this show, is an opportunity for growth, development  for my future client base for my work.  It is a win-win situation.Thank you again or a wonderful opportunity and magical experience.  It was well worth it for me!” Deborah (Exhibitor)
“I just wanted to say Thank you for a wonderful day. I was going to stop and talk with you when I was leaving but someone else was chatting with you so I thought I would just send you an email. I had a great day, meet some interesting people and sold some stuff. For my first time, it was great. “Debbie (Exhibitor)
“Thank you for an absolutely fantastic Expo this week-end! Eric (Exhibitor)
 ”Another great event! Had a wonderful weekend!” Tim (Volunteer)
“Great job with the expo!  I only got to go on Saturday, but enjoyed it. The Jenny McCarthy talk was very good too – I just wish she herself would have talked for longer, although her play therapist’s part of the talk was interesting as well.” Tania (Attendee)
“Awesome show Yvette! I feel so blessed to have been a part of it.” Albert (Exhibitor)
“I think the Spa Pavilion was a smash success and I can’t thank you enough for all you support and dedication through it. I met lot’s of great people and I was able to make a couple of appointments on the spot. As it is not easy introducing alternative therapies, I thought the Spa Pavilion did quite well. Looking forward to future events!” Karen (Exhibitor)
“It was an amazing experience.  Thank you so much for including me in the New Reality Wellness Spa.  It was fun for sure!  I met so many new people and enjoyed everyone’s energy and kindness. It was lovely to be in such a fabulous environment.” Deborah (Exhibitor)
“Had a great time at your show!!! Great seeing you again!! Much love!” Natalie (Attendee)
“I cannot say enough about the support of the staff and energy of the attendees at the Holistic World Expo.  I made some wonderful connections and had one of our most successful years yet at the show.  Thanks to all of the organizers…..good vibes all around. Can’t wait for the next show……..” Jennifer (Speaker and Exhibitor)
“Thanks for all your hard work putting together a great expo.  We had a great time.  The radio show was really great and the speaker interviews we also great.  You had a lot of cool vendors and speakers at the event.” Luanna (Exhibitor)
” The turnout from the holistic expo was so amazing, I am very thankful for those of you that came to see me speak” Tarek (Speaker/Exhibitor)
“Great Show this year! Kudos to you.” Sol (Exhibitor)
I felt the show was well organized, well attended and well exhibited.  Great job ! Donna (Exhibitor)

“Thank you ladies, For being so open to having me bring my own special brand of soundwork to the Expo.  And Congratulations on bringing such a great show together! “AM (Performer/Speaker)

You did such a great job for this show, truly. I wanted you both to know, that this was the best show I have had so far………..quite seriously………standing room only for the 6pm talk on Saturday night (perfect timing, after the the Abraham followers finished their day), with incredible visits to my booth afterward. Sunday was good as well. Jennifer (Speaker/Exhibitor)

Thank you so much again for welcoming us back. It was great seeing you again, and being a part of your event. We had a great weekend! You, and the rest of the group did another outstanding job putting together a spirit filled expo! Sam and Tobie (Performer/Exhibitor)

YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB THIS WEEKEND, I had an awesome time,  I can’t wait for Sept!!” Jameson (Volunteer)

“Hey all, it was great meeting you all this weekend…I had a blast!!! I hope it was very successful in all ways. If I’m around for the next one…would be happy to lend a hand again.” Tim (Volunteer)

“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing my team to have an opportunity to be at your expo.  It was our first show ever, and it was great.  We made a lot of new friends, and a lot of great contacts and it couldn’t have been done any other way.  You and your staff did a great job.”Joanne (Exhibitor)

 ”Andrea and I just wanted to reiterate that we thought the show was great and our manufacturers thought the show was great as well -  Job Well Done!!” Andrea and Randy (Exhibitor)

Thanks for a wonderful experience!  It was fun, which was as we expected, and got some good solid leads. Congrats!!” Irena (Exhibitor/Speaker)

“Just wanted to let you know that I attended the show on Saturday.  I was Mr. Shahars’ first client for the day.  I had the AtlasProFilax treatment applied to my neck.  Wow, did it hurt!  But, for that day it did loosen the tension in my neck and shoulders and no more headache.  For me that is immense! So I wanted to thank you for bringing Ranan Shahar to your show. I had never heard of this procedure before Friday.  I stumbled across your expo on the ‘net somehow, came across his info and just knew that I had to come and see him. So again thank you.  Please be sure to bring him back as much as possible so he can help as many as he can.”Sharon (Attendee)

“It was good to meet you. We had a good time. Made it fun even in the corner. Be good and hope to see you again.” REdfeather (Exhibitor)

“Thanks for the great show this year.Hope you are enjoying some rest. You did a great job.” Satyam and Freedom (Speaker/Exhibitor)

“Congratulations on what was surely a successful expo and my thanks for your support during the event.I enjoyed my time there and sharing my message with others… not to mention many new clients! I look forward to working together in the near future…. and keep me up to date of future events you will be conducting!”David (Speaker)

“Thanks for the info and a great show!! We had loads of fun, it was a great event. You did a wonderful job!” Dye and Jeff (Exhibitors)

“I really enjoyed being part of the Expo, the whole experience was great!Congratulations on a job super-well-done!Jill (Exhibitor/Speaker)

“We would like to thank you for a wonderful time at the Holistic fair. It was a very well organized event. We would to personally thank you both for the kind courtesy that you extended to us for the fair. Both have been wonderful in helping us out with anything and everything. Looking forward to taking part in the next Holistic Fair.” Rishita (Speaker/Exhibitor)

“It was great to meet both of you at the March 2007 Holistic World Expo.I had a wonderful experience and met some lovely people.” athena (Speaker/Exhibitor)

“Congratulations on another great event.  I found there to be a great sense of rhythm and ease on Friday evening, I really loved the drumming! Great opening energy!” Ruth (Attendee)

“Sam and I wanted to thank you for welcoming us to your expo! It was such an inspiring weekend meeting such wonderful like-minded people such as yourself!  We attend many health and wellness expos here in the States; yours by far is a very established, as well as professional group! Your marketing of the event alone, and the continual media coverage throughout the event was brilliant.  Thank you and your entire staff again Yvette, for being so warm and gracious!”  Warmest Regards, Tobie & Sam (Exhibitor)

“Congratulations for a busy show! You guys are getting better every year, and it’s really nice to see the efforts you are making to keep eveyone happy! Thank you.” Isabelle (Exhibitor)

” Thanks again for putting on a fabulous weekend, the food sampling was a great hit!!!! and thanks to Debbie and all your staff and helpers, all the best, love and light”, Elke (Speaker)

“I would like, once again, to thank you, Debbie, and all other helpers that you had for the great show. You can count me in for 2007.” Emily (Exhibitor)

“The 2006 Toronto Holistic World Expo was an experiential Wellness encyclopedia!  My gratitude goes to everyone involved with making the weekend a success.  The only remark closest to constructive criticism I could make would be: There was too much to choose from!” Stephanie (Attendee)

“It was a great weekend.  Fantastic to meet you and Deb in person.  The ambience was very nice as was the crowd.” Doug (Exhibitor)

“I want to thank you and your staff for making my workshop/seminar a success yesterday at the expo.” Nick (Speaker)

“Hello, and congratulations on a wonderful show!!!  Everyone that I spoke with in attendance were really happy to be there and, I believe, we all learned some new and important information in regard to maintaining a healthy life style.” Ian (Attendee)

” I did go to the holistic expo, which was very useful and also did go to see Dr. Patch Adams. It was a great experience. I was there Friday and Saturday.” Susan (Attendee)

“I love you more today than I did yesterday!!! Thank you so much!” Doug (Speaker)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Patch Adams, and the show as well.” Lynda (Attendee)

“I would like, once again, to thank you, Debbie, and all other helpers that you had for the great show. You can count me in for 2007.” Emily (Exhibitor)

“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing show.  It was amazing for reasons different than other years.  I met some incredible people, was in an isle of people I knew very well, had record sales, and truly feel blessed to have been there. You did a great job, Yvette.  You did a great job handling everything. Thanks so much for all you do. Jennifer (Speaker/Exhibitor)

“I wanted to send this email to let you know how pleased my husband, Doug Yam, and myself were with the turn out at the Holistic Show. We met extremely interesting people that were open to new ideas and ways of thinking. The show was a success for us both financially and personally. Thank You very much for the opportunity to be part of it.” Stacey (Exhibitor)

” A quick word to say thank you for organizing that event . Patch Adams has the ability to make us realize lots of things. We were at the workshop the fours of us and enjoyed every moment of it .” Julie (Attendee)

“Thank you so much for the great event! Rei No Dojo and its volunteers had an amazing time at the fair which was the first of many more to come.” Freddy (Exhibitor)